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Uniform Information
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Top: Girls
Shirts - red oxford or golf style only.
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Bottom: Girls
Jumpers/Skirts - navy or plaid Pants - Navy Shorts - Navy (1st and 4th qtr only)
Boys Top Image
Top: Boys
Shirts - red oxford or golf style only.
Boys Bottom Image
Bottom: Boys
Pants - Navy Shorts - Navy (1st and 4th quarters only)
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Black, Brown or Navy only.
Girls Socks Image
Girls Socks
Navy,Black or Solid White (NO ANKLE SOCKS), White or navy tights (2nd & 3rd quarter only) No sport socks or decorated socks of any kind
Boys Socks Image
Boys Socks
Navy, Black or Plain White (NO ANKLE SOCKS!!!!!) No sport or decorated socks
Shoes Image
Any color sneaker/tennis shoes with matching laces. NO lights, rollers, sandals, high-tops or boots
Outerwear Image
Sweaters/Jackets - Navy Blue, or Red Cardigan or windbreakers- No logos Sweatshirts - Solid Red or solid Navy (worn over uniform shirt)- No logos NO STARTER JACKETS
Additional Notes
BELTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES! All shirts must be tucked in at all times. Only uniform outwear will be allowed to be worn inside the building. Earrings for girls only (no hoops, large, or dangling earrings). Any items that is a distraction to the learning environment will not be allowed. No necklaces or bracelets allowed No fake nails/acrylics No body art No turtle neck shirts No stretch headbands or hats No stripes, logos, or writing on clothing No rolling bookbags ONLY white undershirts allowed Any item that distracts from the learning environment will not be allowed
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